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by RBH


What is VEEV?

A device that looks as great as it tastes. VEEV offers a vaping experience that can be customized to reflect different preferences.

The design makes it beautiful, science makes it smart.

A true product of dedication, the unique MESH™ heater, and the smart digital control is designed to prevent overheating and burnt taste.

Unlike wick and coil e-cigarettes, the MESH heater remains in constant contact with the e-liquid, which means taste consistency every time. In addition, a “low liquid detection” feature prevents overheating or "dry puffs" that produce a burnt taste. The device automatically turns off when there is almost no liquid remaining in the VEEV pod.

VEEV features a fast, full battery charge in under 30 minutes (With a manufacturer-approved AC power adaptor) and allows for continuous use while charging.

Choose the right cloud size for the right moment. The cloud control feature allows you to adjust the amount of vapor generated - regular or reduced. Select your preferred cloud size through the Q-Lab app.

Responsive draw is a unique feature that enhances the vaping experience with subtle vibrations on every draw. The vibration reflects the strength and the duration of the draw. This feature can be activated or deactivated on the device itself or even personalized using the Q-Lab app.